After exhausting all my options via the NHS and being given antisickness tablets as a solution. I knew I had to get to the root cause some other way. I came to Emma in bits, my digestive system was in a tatters and after every meal I was in pain for hours, severely bloated and looking like I was heavily pregnant. My body was inflamed from the inside out, my skin and emotional health was really low and taken the toll of the stress, tiredness and my exasperation of it all. 

I found Emma through Instagram and after following her for months and seeing her journey I knew I wanted to seek her help and incredible knowledge. From the get go I felt strong connection and wonderful energy from Emma. She listened and allowed me to open up and week by week like peeling back layers of an onion as such, we worked together on getting my body and mind aligned again.  

Within a few weeks my gut inflammation and pain after eating had nearly disappeared and 3 months later were still working together now and gut is fantastic, my energy levels are at an all time high and I feel like I'm walking taller with more confidence.  She's provided me with the tools I need to do the 'inner work' reconnecting back with myself, to manage my stress levels, to keep my body moving and functioning and also inspired me to follow more of my passions in my working career. 

Her vast knowledge and understanding is incredible and deciding to work with Emma was the best choice I could have made. Emma has been a vital part of my healing and my growth, highly passionate which I love and nurturing in nature. Just get in touch with her honestly. She's incredible. 

Rachel, Norfolk UK


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