"I have been working with Emma twice a month since the summer and it has been truly awaking!  I have spoken to counsellors before and tried all the common self help tips and tricks but never fully knew where to take them.

I became fascinated with Emma theories and research upon finding her on Instagram. It took a lot of courage from my part to pick up the phone and give her a message but it’s been the best thing that I’ve done all year! 

I’ve learnt how to trust and connect with myself during meditations, feel though emotions and finally find someone who I can connect with!!! 
I’ve struggled in the past as I’ve been unable to connect to therapist but Emma has such a welcoming, friendly and positive vibe. As Emma is open with her stories you can instantly feel comfortable in her presence and understood as she shows so much empathy to your own situations. 

Emma has also been practicing some EFT/Matrix Reprinting with me and it had helped me find boundaries between thoughts and patterns that have been affecting my day to day life. I’m excited to continue with more of this! 

Emma is an encyclopaedia of mind-body-soul knowledge and she has given me all the right sign posts to really start discovering who I am and where I want to be in this universe."

Sophie, Liverpool UK