The art and science of Floating


Sounds like something from out of this world or dreamland really doesn't it?

It sort of is.

Floating or Floatation Tank Therapy is also called Sensory Deprivation Tank Therapy. The aim is to give the body a chance to heal once the senses have been temporarily disabled. No sight, no sound, weightlessness, no sense of touch. It's basically like being an astronaut, but in a pod in London and with no prior NASA training needed.

How do you float? The tank is filled with half a tonne of Epsom salts, which much like the Dead Sea, enable whomever is floating to lie back weightlessly and the salts will hold them up essentially.

Epsom Salts have countless healing properties such as;

- They're super detoxifying, everything from pathogens, to toxins, to metals.

- They give the body a much needed magnesium boost which has a whole host of benefits ranging from improved sleep to improvements in insulin consumption.

- They're great for skin and hair health.

There has been an increase in scientific studies around the benefits of floating. The science now shows that floating has the ability to lower cortisol levels, which are the stress hormone that keeps everyone wired and can negatively impact the immune system and it also can lower blood pressure.

Some other recorded benefits to floating include;

- Reduces anxiety

- Reduces negative emotions

- Reduces perception of pain

- Reduces confusion

- Boosts overall wellbeing

- Boosts cognitive performance

- Improves symptoms of chronic fatigue and burnout

- Improves Sleep

- Increases Energy

- Increases optimism and mindfulness

- Decreases depression

You have your own pod room so your session is private. You can wear a bathing suit or go naked, whichever you feel more comfortable doing and once you enter the pod you're in control. There is 5 minutes of relaxing music to get you into a calm and relaxed state before you turn the lights off and then you're in total darkness.

This is where the magic happens.

Once you let go and truly surrender to just laying there, floating, weightless, your brain really does go to a whole different dimension. People have experienced visions, colours, even vivid dreams. Some just fall asleep. Your body will do what it needs to do so it can heal the parts that need healing the most.

If you struggle to meditate, floating is a must try therapy. Floating is essentially like an hour of forced meditation where your nervous system is able to come out of fight or flight and into parasympathetic mode. Parasympathetic mode is where we all want to be, because this is where deep healing occurs on a physical, mental and emotional level.

Floating is and should be for everyone. From professional athletes to pregnant women, I've met many floaters from all different walks of life who get different and the same benefits. You don't need to have 'something wrong' to go floating. It is an investment into your wellbeing regime that is going to keep your mind, body and soul in alignment that allows a deep restorative flow.

Floatworks have sites in Angel and Vauxhall. They're my go to centre.

For 20% off your first float use code FLOATEMMA at the checkout and enjoy shutting off for an hour of bliss.

Emma x

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