Movement & embodiment is a freeform practice to get you out of your head and into your body, designed to connect and ground you back into your physical body through music and dance. 


No choreography, no steps, no routine, no TikTok. Tune into those energy centres, those chakras and allow your body to lead you into what feels good. Get those happy hormones going and allow your life force energy to flow. Don’t think. Just move. 


Movement is Medicine is a concept that was birthed as a dance challenge via Instagram, that has now become part of Emma’s teachings.


Emma used movement in her own personal trauma recovery journey, making it a habit and a ritual to dance and move every single day for a year whilst she was healing from severe PTSD. Emma believes it was one of her biggest healers due to the fact that dance is a somatic practice that has been used since records began and still plays a huge role in traditional and indigenous ceremony today to shift and move stuck energy out of the body.

Movement and dance when it isn’t choreographed allows the nervous system to dispel any stress, trauma or tension that it is holding onto. It creates a somatic experience, which research shows is the key to moving trauma out of the physical body. It activates the parasympathetic nervous system bringing you out of fight or flight, which in turn generates a healing environment within. 


Before working as a Holistic Consultant, Emma was a consultant within the music industry for many years, so music and dance has a significant place in Emma’s heart. 


Emma teaches you why this practice is so helpful from a scientific point of view and guides you through your own way of moving and feeling, alongside a specially curated playlist. The class incorporates movement, music, meditation, breath work, intuitive movement, sacral activation and sensuality to leave you feeling deeply connected into yourself and stress free, whilst being a really fun form of low intensity exercise.