What does Holistic mean?

The word Holistic simply means whole. It means looking at the mind-body-soul as one and not separate entities. 

Currently in the western world the body and mind are separated and treated without connection to one another. However, in other cultures and communities around the world, alongside traditional and ancient healing modalities, the mind-body-soul is understood to be one.There is no separation. Once we create an understanding around this mindset and these teachings, they can be life changing for people. When we look at a person as a whole, it creates connection again where disconnection has occurred. 

What is Embodiment? 

Embodiment is all about creating  connection to your authentic self, by getting out of the mind the into the physical body so you start to feel again, as opposed to getting lost in your thoughts.


Human beings are spending too much time in our minds and not enough time connecting back into how we feel in our physical body. Embodiment as a method is all about generating this connection again using various tools and techniques. 


Embodiment tools have been proven within the scientific, psychology and spiritual communities to be a great asset for trauma recovery, serious illness recovery, stress relief and emotional releasing + much more.

Using a variety of holistic tools and practices such as movement, music & sound, breath work, guided meditations, frequencies, tapping, touch + much more we can create embodiment within our lives on a daily basis. Emma prides herself in teaching people these tools and gives them the understanding of why, when and how to use them appropriately and efficiently so that you can feel a sense of connection again getting them out of their mind and into their body, which in turn generates peace.