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Emma Marshall is a holistic consultant, teacher, mentor and creator from London, UK who works with clients 1:1 and teaches workshops + classes about the connection between the mind-body-soul. 

Emma focuses on embodiment, empowerment and sovereignty for clients, so that they have an understanding of why they feel the way they feel and then the tools, knowledge and power to be able to shift into a new way of being. 


She creates educational, empowering and inspiring content via Instagram to get people thinking outside the box when it comes to their health, wellbeing, lifestyle, evolution and mindset. She focuses a lot on the emotional imprints and energetics of the body, as well as subconscious reprogramming to remove blocks that are stopping people from shifting and evolving. 


Emma specialises in embodiment, the mind-body connection, emotional health and emotional release, the nervous system, somatic theory + release, stress & burnout, mindset, subconscious blocks & reprogramming, inner child work, guided meditation and visualisation, energy medicine, sacred femininity and masculinity, using music & movement as medicine, frequency healing + much more to help people feel connected to themselves again. 

Emma believes that the issues that society faces today are created due to a disconnect from self, from community and from the planet. Creating connection back into oneself is the key to thriving and finding that inner peace that people are searching for. 


Emma focuses on inspiration, empowerment and education as part of her philosophy, guiding people to a lifestyle that allows them to thrive and giving them tools that they can use forever. She is trained in various modalities and has studied teachings from around the world from indigenous communities making them accessible and easily understood to all, which she applies into her work with clients through 1:1 and her workshops + courses. Emma believes in finding what resonates for you as an individual on your journey and helps clients to see that they are their own healer, they are empowered and that they have so many options outside of what they know. 

Emma's brand Movement is Medicine is a core part of her work. Using movement and music as an embodiment practice to help release stuck trauma and energy from the body as a somatic practice. It was a huge part of Emma's own personal trauma recovery journey and she now applies her knowledge of this practice and teaches others through a workshop. You can read more about it here.


Emma’s vast education in holistic practices came from her own serious health journey. Emma suffered for years of random health issues that left her hospitalised, which paired with unprocessed trauma throughout her teens and into her twenties Emma's body started to shut down in 2019. She also discovered she had been poisoned by black mould in her home and her nervous system + immune system were severely compromised due to the toxicity, stress and the trauma that had never been dealt with allowing for various bacterial, viral and parasitic infections to take over her body. The western medical system in the UK could not help, so she flew to Mexico for treatment and went on to research, study and explore as many integrative, holistic and alternative medicine practices as she could find to heal. During the process realised the only option was to focus on the mind, the body and the soul as one. She worked on her physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic health and flew through treatment and recovered in under 2 years of solid work to rebuild herself and her entire life from the ground up. She healed herself and now uses her knowledge to help clients from all walks of life to connect back into themselves in various capacities using this holistic mindset and helps people to reclaim their power in seemingly powerless situations that leave people stuck. 


Prior to becoming unwell and going on her journey, Emma had a 10 year spanning career in the music industry, as well as experience teaching children with special needs and has a degree in English Literature and Communication Studies.