Emma Marshall is a Holistic Consultant from London, UK. She works with clients 1:1 and teaches workshops, courses and classes that embody the holistic way of thinking about your mind, body and soul, which is as a whole to generate a lifestyle that allows people to thrive.  


Emma specialises in stress, trauma, burn out, the nervous system, emotions, mindset, energy, EFT, subconscious programming, inner child work, the feminine & the masculine, music, movement + much more to help people feel connected to themselves again, because she believes that the reason that people experience issues within their life through health challenges, relationships, work, finances etc - it’s all due to being disconnected from your authentic self, your needs and your emotions. 


Emma focuses on inspiration, empowerment and education as part of her philosophy, guiding people to a lifestyle that allows them to thrive and giving them tools that they can use forever. She is trained in various modalities and has studied teachings from around the world which she applies into her work with clients. She believes in finding what resonates for you as an individual on your journey and helps clients to see that they are their own healer, they are empowered and that they have so many options outside of what they know. 


Emma’s vast education in holistic practices came from her own serious health journey. After years of random health issues she nearly died in 2019. The western medical system could not help, so she researched, studied and explored as many holistic and alternative medicine practices as she could find to heal and in the process realised the only option was to focus on the mind, the body and the soul as one. She healed herself and now uses her knowledge to help clients from all walks of life to connect back into themselves and how they truly feel.