Holistic Consultancy

As a Holistic Consultant, my job is to come up with ideas, strategy and teachings that are applicable to each individual given their own personal set of circumstances. Together we create a new way of thinking, reacting, behaving, creating and connecting to yourself and the world around you. 
Holistic simply means looking at yourself as a whole. When we look at humans as a whole, things start to make a lot more sense to the individual, which in turn is empowering. I believe in creating power in and around situations that can leave us powerless and when it comes to health & wellbeing, we see this a lot.
I work with clients 1:1 teaching them the foundations of holistic health, wellbeing and mindset, which covers your entire lifestyle. It's looking at your physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual health and how they're all interconnected. It's exploring the ways in which you have become disconnected from yourself and applying tools and techniques that allow connection to be felt again safely.

During 1:1 sessions, I work with teachings from various different alternative and holistic modalities, scientific theories and studies and sprititual teachings to educate clients on embodiment, the mind-body connection, mindset, inner child healing, shadow work, holistic lifestyle, movement, the nervous system, stress management, trauma, subconscious programming and how to become the most empowered version of yourself in regards to all aspects of your life so that you can start to evolve out of behaviours, situations, coping mechanisms and patterns that are keeping you stuck. Everyone has the power to evolve into their higher self, but sometimes we just need a bit of guidance in how to get there.

Health really is about being connected in more ways than just he physical, so we explore all of the ways in which your mind and body can be affected by your relationships, work, faith, finances and more to create a healthy balance within your life. 

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