My 1:1 work involves coming up with ideas, strategy and teachings that are applicable to each individual given their own personal set of circumstances. Together we create a new way of thinking, reacting, behaving, creating and connecting to yourself and the world around you. 

During 1:1 sessions, I work with teachings from various different indigenous and ancient  cultures, scientific theories and studies and spiritual teachings to educate clients on embodiment, the mind-body connection, emotional mastery, energy medicine, inner child healing, shadow work,  movement as medicine, the nervous system, stress management, somatic trauma work, subconscious programming and how to become the most empowered version of yourself in regards to all aspects of your life so that you can start to evolve out of behaviours, situations, coping mechanisms and patterns that are keeping you stuck.

My work aims to bridge the gap between the indigenous world and the western world, where people are more disconnected from themselves than ever before and are looking for options outside of the norm. I am here facilitate this wisdom safely and in a way that resonates for each individual. 

Everyone has the power to evolve into their higher self, but sometimes we just need a bit of guidance on how to get there.

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